Miss Representation

Press and reviews

  • "The film’s message is unequivocal: The mainstream media (sometimes subtly, sometimes explicitly) has a double standard for women leaders..."

    Politico Oct 11, 2013

  • "The media doesn't help women feel okay about power -- a point that Jennifer Siebel Newsom nails in a new documentary calledMiss Representation."

    Patricia Sellers, Fortune/CNN Money Oct 11, 2013

  • "A relevant and important doc that deconstructs the insidious role of visual media in the widespread, unbalanced depiction of women and girls, Miss Representation is destined for long-term festival play and could make a significant social impact on broadcast and DVD."

    The Hollywood Reporter Oct 11, 2013

  • "Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s documentary, Miss Representation, which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, drives the point home that young girls in America cannot find appropriate role models in popular culture. “Media is the message,” is the overriding theme of Newsom’s excellent film.

    Miss Representation helped me see how a seemingly harmless act — watching reality TV — can contribute to a culture that fails to embrace women as the equal of men."

    Yes! Weekly Oct 11, 2013

  • "Director Newsom is successful in getting her message across – so much so, you won’t want to ever look at a magazine or television ever again...

    I think everyone should take time to view this movie.  Hopefully that will (fingers crossed) encourage women to rally to this cause.  It gives rise to questions and conversations.  It shines a spotlight on our currently bleak social situation, and inspires us to think about how we can do better."

    Very Aware: The Movie Blog Oct 11, 2013

  • "The documentary harnesses a wealth of clips, interviews, and statistics to show that women are being depicted on TV and online as poorly as ever, with dangerous potential side effects for girls sitting on the other side of the screen."

    Mother Jones Oct 11, 2013

  • "This film is not a passive experience - it is visceral - it will shock you and disturb you, but ultimately awaken you and inspire you."

    Marianne Schnall, Feminist.com Oct 11, 2013

  • "Configures itself as a sort of An Inconvenient Truth of sexism in the media."

    IndieWire Oct 11, 2013

  • "Oprah’s stamp of approval could make Miss Representation the Roger & Me of media reform."

    Bitch Magazine Oct 11, 2013

  • "Miss Representation directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, is a long-overdue look at how media objectification of women is internalized by young girls. Real, classic -- that is, unapologetic -- feminism is back, at least at Sundance."

    Naomi Wolf, The Huffington Post Jan 31, 2011

  • "If you think we're in the midst of historic times for women in politics with Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and even Sarah Palin on the national stage, one documentary at Sundance is urging you to think again."

    L.A. Times Jan 23, 2011