Miss Representation

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the film?

Miss Representation, the full-length documentary film, runs 90minutes. Age-appropriate film clips in the educational version range from 5 to 15 minutes.

Is the film appropriate for young viewers? What is it rated?

The film has been rated appropriate for ages 13 and up by CommonSense Media. Learn more about the parents rating guide for MissRepresentation here. The educational version includes age-appropriatelearning modules for the following grade levels, K-3 grades, 4-5grades, middle school, high school, and university students.

How can I watch Miss Representation?

You can visit our Screenings page to find a local screening. You may also view the film on iTunes, Netflix, and several other digitalplatforms. DVDs are available for private home use as well. Don’t see a screening near you? Take action and consider hosting a screening yourself!

Please note that the individual purchase price does not grant public performance rights, including classroom screenings. It is for private home viewing purposes only. If you would like to host a screening outside of your personal home, please visit our screenings page for more information.


I am a non-profit organization educating youth and the community. Can I purchase the educational version of the film?

If you are a nonprofit organization that provides workshops/classroom-style educational programming in multiple schools and could make ongoing use of the film, then you are eligible to purchase the classroom edition of the educational package. This does NOT include public performance rights and is intended for classroom/workshop use only. To purchase the curriculum for this purpose, please contact Kristin Cooney. To host a larger screening of the film, please fill out the Host a Screening form here.

Is there a cost or fee to host a screening?

Yes, there is a licensing fee associated with hosting a screening. Submit a form to host a screening hereand our distribution team will follow up with you about the cost.

Can I host more than one screening?

Yes, you can host more than one screening. However, there is a licensing fee per screening hosted.

I do not have a venue or date yet. Can I find out more about hosting a screening before I fill out the form?

You do not need to have a confirmed venue or date to begin the process of hosting a screening. You can always change it at a later time. Submitting a form with this information now helps us stay organized and process your request quickly.

Is there a shorter version available that I can screen at my event?

The only alternative to screening the full-length 90-minute film is to screen the trailer, which is 3 minutes long. Schools, universities, and libraries may purchase the educational version of Miss Representation, which includes shorter age-appropriate film clips ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in duration.

I want to make sure the film is appropriate before I screen this to an audience. Can I view the film before deciding to host a screening?

Submit a form to host a screening here. (If there are 1-3 individuals that need to review the film before you can move forward with a screening, please inquire with the distribution team about reviewing the film.)

I just submitted a host a screening form. When will I receive a response?

Our distribution team will follow up with your request promptly, typically within 5 business days.

What formats are available to screen the film?

We typically provide a DVD to screen the film. We also offer higher-quality formats including HD CAM, HD CAM SR, DCP, and DigiBeta, depending on availability and your screening venue capabilities.

What materials do I get for hosting a screening?

When you host a screening, you receive the full-length film (on loan) and a screening guide which includes a film introduction, discussion questions and talking points as well as postcards, a film poster, a unique event webpage you can use to promote your event, and more.

Can I purchase the DVD to screen Miss Representation for my community?

No. The individual purchase price does not grant public performance rights, including classroom screenings. It is for private home viewing purposes only. To legally screen the film for a public audience, you need to obtain the necessary public performance rights, which can only be acquired through hosting a screening with us. If you are a K-12 school, university, or public library, click here to learn about performance rights for educational institutions. If you would like to host a screening outside of your personal home, please visit our screening page for more information.

Is the film closed captioned?

There is closed captioning available on our Educational DVD only at this time.

Are there foreign subtitles available?

We currently have Spanish subtitles available for community screenings. If you are a professional translator interested in helping to translate our films into other languages, please contact us.



I am a student / teacher / professor / school administrator. How can I screen Miss Representation for my class or school?

Accredited educational institutions (K-12 schools and universities) and public libraries in the U.S. and Canada are eligible to purchase the educational version of Miss Representation. This version includes the feature film, educational curriculum and an educator’s viewing guide. For more information, visit our education page. Purchase the curriculum for your school here.

I just ordered the educational version of Miss Representation. Where may I legally screen the film?

If you have purchased the educational curriculum, please note that you may ONLY screen the film on the campus that bought the curriculum. At the rate, you may only screen the film in classrooms at your school. At the 5 rate, which includes the public performance rights, you may screen in classrooms at your school and you may open your on-campus screenings to the public. If you would like to host a school-related screening off-campus, please fill out the Host a Screening form.

I just ordered the educational version of Miss Representation. How many times may I screen the film on campus?

When you own the 5 version of our educational curriculum, you may host multiple on-campus screenings. Screen the film as many times as you like.

I just ordered the educational curriculum. When can I expect to receive it?

The standard processing time is 3 weeks.
If ordered online, order is processed usually the same day, worst-case next day.
If you chose standard shipping, it takes 7-10 business days to actually arrive (depending on location).
If you chose expedited, 3-4 business days.

 Email Kristin Cooney for options to expedite your order and to check order status.